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We create strategy of attracting customers, select and control contractors

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Managed / Selected / Made
Complex approach to promotio

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The new generation of project
management is:

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No briefs.
  • No difficult terms.
  • Tell us only about the target.

Tell us about the target. For example, “I need 100 applications per month for the price not higher than 300 rubles”. Or “I need to have the processes in the sales department automatized”.

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Including in trello.
  • We give you a project manager.
  • We help a marketer.

We work out the strategy for achieving the goal with estimate, financial plans and deadlines.

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Entering into a contract.
  • We bear financial responsibility.
  • We make our work perfectly and on time.

We select contractors from the base. Then enter into a contract with them, prescribe KPI and deadlines according to the estimate.

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Setting a price.
  • Market price.
  • We explain the price formation.

Without the commission cheat. Without hidden payments. Without the “bloated” budget.

The price for project managing and strategy starts from 30 000 rubles per month.

They manage the projects and create the strategy
The team power

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Y Team
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Anastasia Souls
The owner of the agency
of managers selection.
  • Co-owner of the social crm.
  • Works out the promoting strategies.
  • Develops the conceptions.
  • Creates the offers.
  • Manages the staff.
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Ilya Maximenko
The creative employee of advertising
agencies “Leoburnet”, “Megaplan”, “Carlo”.
  • Copywriting tutor.
  • Makes creatives.
  • Creates autochvors.
  • Manages the full-cycle SMM.
  • Leads the VIP clients.
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Vlad Medvedchuk
The owner of the contextual
advertising agency.
  • VIP student of Filipp Tsarevskiy.
  • Builds the working system.
  • Connects the analytical systems.
  • Analyse the market and competitors.
  • Set tasks to the team.

And more than 80 specialists from different spheres invited by necessity.

It is all within our competence
The tasks we perform

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WEB design
The result of search for contractors
through Y Team

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About strategy in simple terms
More info about the service

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We identify all the variants for achieving a goal, for example “100 applications in soulfullloft for month”.

  • Identify the traffic channels
  • Creative on the topic of “how to make the platform work the next morning”
  • Draw up the nearest actions, insert the Grant diagram

We call in the contractors, who have already managed the similar projects, from our base.

  • Choose effective cases and campaigns
  • Estimate the price of the initial consumption
  • Make agreements with the contractors about the minimal cost of the test
Primary test.

Our staff execute the part of the services so you don’t have to spend the enormous budget for the strategy.

  • Directory
  • Copywriter
  • Manager of the call-centre
  • Targetology
  • PR-manager
Giving a strategy.

We pass the strategy as a diploma project.

  • Provide the contractors’ contacts
  • Guarantee the channels’ efficiency
We offer the supposes, ideas and concept


What do we need the creative for:

To figure out the offer.

  • Write a script for the cold sales.
  • Create a new product.
  • Compile many reposts in social networks.
  • Divide you from the competitors.
  • Create a virus video.
Solve the task
For specialists
Team, union, community
Do you work in the Internet marketing?

You’re a copywriter, targetology, contextual advertising specialist or even layout designer.

Do you have your own agency?

You make a really qualitative product and stick to the terms.

Do you need orders?

You need a team with a project manager, a lawyer and a working office of full value.

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  • Email:
  • Phone number
  • Address:
  • info@yteam.ru
  • +74999384327
  • Office: Malaya Dmitrovka Street, 24/2. Every Friday is a clients’ day. Come without an appointment.
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